Tuesday, 28 June 2016

LibDems offer second chance to vote on Brexit

Tim Farron, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, has vowed to fight the next general election, which he believes “could be very soon”, on a pledge to stop Brexit, reported The Guardian this afternoon.

Explained the paper: 'The MP said he respected the result, but added that it was perfectly legitimate to put the question to the British people at an election, because the country was out of control and the campaign had been fought on lies.'

When it was put to Mr Farron that this was undemocratic, he replied, "On that basis we would never have re-run the 1975 referendum”.

In a separate press release, the LibDems said that in any upcoming national election, the party will promise to rejoin the European Union.

Commented Mr Farron, "For many millions of people, this was not just a vote about Europe. It was a howl of anger at politicians and institutions who they felt they were out of touch and had let them down. 

"The British people deserve the chance not to be stuck with the appalling consequences of a Leave campaign that stoked that anger with the lies of Farage, Johnson and Gove. 

"The Liberal Democrats will fight the next election on a clear promise to restore British prosperity and role in the world, with the UK in the European Union, not out."

The Green Party today told me that they are yet to make a decision on whether their next manifesto will also pledge to keep Britain in the EU. Labour are currently in turmoil over who should be their leader, and have also not made an announcement regarding any EU pledge in their next manifesto.

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