Sunday 26 June 2016

Blame the politicians, not the voters

Just over half of those who voted bought manky lies dressed up as a better life after Brexit.

They were told they'd get their country back. Their lives would be transformed. More jobs, homes, schools and hospitals. Less migrants. No more rule from Brussels. We'd be British, and Great Britain again.

They were duped. They were deceived. They were sold a dodgy time share by cowboy politicians, who made claims and promises they can never deliver because it was all a delusion.

Those conned voters, when they realise they've paid dearly for faulty merchandise, will need support and direction. The rogue politicians will need to be kicked out. 

We can do without those politicians. We cannot do without voters.

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  1. Allowing a referendum for a political matter as important as this is like your brain delegating the work of keeping your heart beating to your consciousness. Remember, every second or so, to issue a command to make your heart take a beat.

  2. In the first place I would blame the government(s) not to impose some press control mechanism, to prevent it from being used as propaganda machines, and punish for spreading harmful lies.


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