Thursday, 3 September 2015

Refugees: 'There are too many, so we won't help any'

•  Some have strongly objected to the front page photo published today by The Independent of a dead Syrian boy washed up on a Turkish beach, whose family was trying to escape war and terror. This photo is too upsetting, said many.  However, similar objections were made when photos were released of the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp after the Second World War, but only then did the world start to fully understand the true horrors of the Holocaust. Now, the world needs to understand this worldwide refugee crisis. Maybe this photo will at last open eyes - especially those of the British government, which has stated that it doesn't want to offer asylum to refugees.

The poor, the unemployed, the homeless, the disadvantaged - many of them in Britain think it’s them or us. Refugees fleeing terror, war and torture? We’re full. People here need looking after first. Charity begins at home. We don’t want them. We can’t afford them.

Those are just some of the comments by some people in response to the world’s worst refugee crisis and what should be Britain’s reaction.  The new Conservative government seems to be taking those comments on board - and ignoring urgent pleas by other Britons calling for a more humane response*.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The 8 steps to genocide

• The Daily Mail: One step, two step...?
This is how the Daily Mail chose to portray asylum seekers this month. 

In the first cartoon, by the Mail's resident cartoonist, 'Mac' (Stanley McMurtry), a British couple are advised to tell asylum-seekers in a bed to ‘shove over’ to make room for them in a hotel temporarily accommodating people seeking asylum in the UK. 

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Daily Express business model: selling prejudice and bigotry?

• Imagine Richard Desmond, owner of the Daily Express, pitching his business to the Dragons' Den

Imagine an imaginary scene in Dragons' Den, the popular BBC TV programme where millionaires decide if they'd like to invest in the business plans of 'wannabe' entrepreneurs.

And here comes Richard Desmond into the Den with an investment opportunity for his newspaper called the Daily Express"So what’s your idea, Richard?" asks one of the Dragons.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Calais: Questions the Daily Mail must answer

The Mail on Sunday claimed that hundreds of migrants were 'illegally' entering Britain from Calais and 'being put up in hotels at taxpayers expense'. But was this entirely true? 

Yesterday I phoned the story’s reporter, Brendan Carlin, to ask him.

“I’ve got a plumbing emergency right now,” he responded. “My toilet’s blocked. Send me an email and I’ll try to answer your questions.”

Friday, 26 June 2015

Fiddling whilst the rest of the world burns?

• Terror alert across three continents: Read more in The Guardian

 HORRIFIC TERROR ATTACKS struck across three continents today, in Tunisia, Kuwait and France, leaving many dead and injured. 

TENS OF MILLIONS OF DESPERATE REFUGEES, ASYLUM SEEKERS AND DISPLACED PEOPLE are fleeing war, terror and poverty in what the United Nations has described as, 'the world's worst refugee crisis since records began.'

Saturday, 20 June 2015

UKIP plays party chairs

•  UKIP's deputy chair 'unsacked' as spokesperson

I had a funny feeling this would happen. This week a leaked internal UKIP memo stated that Deputy Chair, Suzanne Evans, had been ‘sacked’ as the party’s media spokesperson after she criticised her leader, Nigel Farage, on TV. 

Friday, 5 June 2015

Who says we don't need the Human Rights Act?

• Unprotected by Human Rights: the last 'British' prisoner in Guantanamo Bay

Who says we don't need the Human Rights Act? The government says, that’s who.

And yet.. it’s the government – and governments – against whom the Human Rights Act is supposed to defend us. Human rights law is only about protecting citizens of abuse by the State. 

And yet.. here we are, with the government of Britain – our State – wanting to reduce the very rights that would protect us from their abuse. And all seemingly with the explicit consent of large numbers of the population and the backing of much of the press.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

UK SOS! Our human rights are under attack


'Among Michael Gove's first tasks will be to scrap Labour's Human Rights Act' - The Telegraph

Michael Gove has been appointed 'Justice Secretary' and 'Lord Chancellor' to see through the new Conservative government's manifesto pledge to scrap the Human Rights Act; introduce a new UK Bill of Rights, and sever links with the European Court of Human Rights.

Law Society president Andrew Caplen responded yesterday:
'The Human Rights Act is a fundamental safeguard of many of our basic rights and freedoms.  We will be pressing for the government to retain it.'

Monday, 4 May 2015

Can’t vote or don’t vote?

• Russell Brand previously said voting was 'a waste of time' - then he changed his mind.

Russell Brand, previously the self-proclaimed, 'Mr Don't Vote', changed his mind just days before the UK's General Election and urged people to vote.

The reason?  Because Russell belatedly acknowledged that voting can make a difference -  to get rid of the government he didn't like, and to put into power one he'd prefer.  Despite this, almost 16 million people who could vote didn't vote.  

(Russell urged people to vote Labour in the 2015 UK General Election.  But in a sense his choice of party was not as important as his admission that, actually, voting matters - and can result in the government of the day being fired).

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Can UK become the richest economy?

• Conservative Minister, Jo Johnson, brother of Boris, said the UK can never be the world's richest economy
Tory Chancellor George Osborne has claimed that Britain can become the world’s richest economy.  He said that within 15 years Britain could be richer than the USA and, “become the most prosperous of any major economy by the 2030s”.

But three years ago Jo Johnson, MP, author of the Tory's 2015 manifesto, told me Britain can never again be the world's richest economy.