Saturday, 28 September 2019

Telegraph? Get the polygraph!

In today’s Telegraph, economist and journalist, Liam Halligan, wrote that if the UK revoked Article 50 and remained a member of the EU, it would mean losing our rebate and other hard-won opt outs, and could see Britain having to ‘bail out the failed euro’.

But as I pointed in in the readers column:

The European Court of Justice has already confirmed that Britain could revoke Article 50 at any time until the expiry of the Article 50 notice period (currently 31 October) and that would mean remaining an EU member on exactly the same terms as we have now - which includes a cast iron exclusion from the euro and retaining other hard-won opt outs, including our rebate. 

The EU has also guaranteed that bailouts, “will not entail budgetary responsibility for Member States whose currency is not the euro”.

I should have added that, actually, it's the pound that is failing, rather than the Euro.

Telegraph reader Jane Goldsmith immediately responded:
And you still believe them?
I replied:
The EU is a rules based organisation, and I believe in the rule of law - something it seems that our current prime minister probably does not.
 A reader called 'Independence Day' chipped in:
As I've posted above, the full effects of the Lisbon Treaty are shortly due to start and Lisbon is a game changer. That's why it's being kept so quiet.
I had to respond:
Unfortunately, you have been misled by a viral and entirely untrue list doing the rounds about the Lisbon Treaty, which is completely untrue.
The list claims, for example, that the treaty comes into effect in 2022, which is nonsense - the Lisbon Treaty was signed in 2007 and came into effect in 2009. 
Anyone who has actually read the Lisbon Treaty can see that the 'full effects' you refer to are entirely bogus.
Please don't take my word for this. FullFact has published an article debunking the fake Lisbon Treaty claims that you have unfortunately been misled by. 

 Over three years after the referendum, and people are still being misled - or misleading others - about Brexit. Is there any hope for Britain? 

Read the FullFact debunking of the fake Lisbon Treaty that's gone viral

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