Saturday, 17 February 2018

So, what are you saying UKIP?

So, what are you saying UKIP? That you can have vote after vote until you get the leader you want?

Look, you voted for Henry Bolton to be your leader only five months ago. That’s it, isn’t it?

A vote is a vote. It’s set in stone. You can’t change your minds, can you? That’s not how democracy works, is it?

But it seems you can keep voting and keep changing your minds. You’ve just voted to remove Henry Bolton as your leader.

So, mistakes CAN be corrected in a democracy, eh? A vote you later decide is wrong can be undone by a new vote.

UKIP, you’ve had so many votes on leaders and so many votes to undo those votes that you must be used to it by now.

You are clearly experts on changing your minds.

You could publish a handbook on how if you vote for something, or in this case someone, it can be reversed, even a few months later, with another vote, and another vote, and another vote, and another vote.

Hopefully, you’ll get what you want eventually. Just keep voting and reversing your vote until you’re happy with the result (or not).

But here’s the thing, UKIP. Your supporters keep telling us Remainers that the country can’t change its mind about Brexit. The vote was done, we’re told. Shut up. Move on. Get over it.

Well, it’s almost 20 months since the EU referendum. By your standards, another vote on Brexit is now long overdue.

If you can do it, we can do it. Let’s have another vote on our membership of the EU.

No, we’re not happy with the vote that took place on 23 June 2016. Just as you're not happy with the votes that took place for your recent leaders.

It’s clear now that the country made a mistake in voting for Brexit, just as you did when you voted for Diane James, Paul Nuttall and Henry Bolton.

You can fix your mistakes by simply having another vote. Hey, we can do the same.

Of course, we should have another vote. And that’s what we are campaigning for, just as your party has been campaigning for another vote on Henry Bolton.

But just a little word in your ear:

Never, ever, ever, dare to tell us again that the referendum vote was set in stone, and cannot be undone by another vote.
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