Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un: Two little boys with deadly toys

They care about their hair. They message each other threats as if they’re in a school playground, trying to prove who’s the biggest bully. But their playground is the planet, and their threats could send us all asunder.

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un boasted that he’s got a button on his desk that could nuke the States. USA President Trump tweeted back that he’s got a bigger button which is more powerful and works.

What’s happened to the world that we have such complete nincompoops as leaders?
Kim Jong-un is a nasty, despicable dictator and despot who subjugates and starves his people into submission. His bellicose bellyaching is what we’ve expected and got from North Korea for many years.

But Trump, he is supposed to be the democratically elected leader of the ‘free world’. He is supposed to be wise, thoughtful, considerate and cognisant of his position as the most powerful man on the planet.

But instead, he is a thin-skinned antagoniser who tweets first and maybe thinks later, if at all.

Trump thumps out his demands as if all the world’s complicated issues can be handled with simplistic ease. A threat from North Korea? He’ll wipe them out. Climate change? No such thing. Some Muslims are terrorists. Ban them all. Mexicans over the border? Put up a wall. 
You’d expect better and more intelligent answers from a ten-year-old. 

Could Trump have helped to broker a peace deal in Northern Ireland in the way President Clinton did? No. He would probably have blustered in and made things worse. 

Just as he has in the tenuous and precarious situation between Israel and Palestine. 
Thank goodness that the UK is part of a more mature, rational and reasonable group of nations called the European Union. 

But, of course, we’re leaving. Hoping instead to ally ourselves more towards the United States, with their mercurial President, and chlorine washed chickens. 

Lost trade with the EU? Never mind, we can open up new trade with countries like Saudi Arabia, where human rights matter not a jot compared to the EU.

Tonight Guy Verhofstadt​, the Brexit co-ordinator for the European Parliament, tweeted a message in response to the latest deadly exchanges between Trump and Kim Jung Un.
‘This is exactly the reason why the EU should play a bigger role on the world stage,’ said Mr Verhofstadt, who used to be prime minister of Belgium.
‘We cannot let a trigger-happy American President on his own decide if the West starts a nuclear war with North Korea.’
Of course, Mr Verhofstadt is right. 

The threats by North Korea and their reckless testing of weapons are totally unacceptable. But the infantile responses of President Trump are entirely inappropriate.

This war of words could lead to a world war. 

Britain is moving away from our continent of Europe, not geographically of course, but politically and economically. Our political masters have high hopes that our alliances can instead be closer to the USA.

Is that wise?
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