Sunday, 5 November 2017

Leavers and Remainers unite!

We have all been conned.

All of us are the victims of the lies that were used to sell Brexit to the nation.

All the reasons given to leave the European Union - every single one - were based on false promises and fake dreams that can never be delivered.

All of us should now be united in protest against the politicians who lied to us and divided us.

We can all share the same dream about the future of our country. But it’s not the nightmare now being imposed on us by the reckless, deceitful, two-faced incompetents who are leading Britain to ruin.

All of us knew what EU membership was like as we’d had it for over 40 years. During that time we never lost our country; we didn’t lose our sovereignty, and our nation’s problems weren’t caused by the EU.

During most of those years EU membership wasn’t of concern; leaving wasn’t a general election issue, and Brexit was an unknown word.

But nobody knew what Leave meant. We’d never had it. Leave campaigners never expected to win. So they could sell Brexit as a dream they would never have to deliver.

It's like many people have been sold a time-share in a beautiful place, overlooking the sea, with lovely apartments, amazing furniture and architecture. So many people believe in this dream, so many have bought into it.

But slowly and surely, it's dawning that the apartments don't exist, they never did, and they are not being built. It’s a scam.

Some are realising this, but many are still hanging on to the dream; it felt so good and so real.

The people who sold the dream are still insisting that it's all true. They say ‘Let’s take back control’ but really, they mean them, not us. They want to take control.

Slowly and surely the truth is becoming clearer and clearer. This has been the biggest fraud ever sold to the country. The promises made were entirely untrue. Everyone has been misled.

When the truth is fully realised, then we can all understand:

Both Leave and Remain voters are victims, not villains. We should accuse those who sold us the lies, not any of us who bought them. There is no loss of face among any voters; we were misled by a despicable deception, by the true villains of this master fraud.

We need to understand that all of us, Leave and Remain voters alike, can share the same dream, and can work together.

We can seek a country that is modern, forward looking, proud and prosperous. We can seek to engage with the rest of the world, and to fully participate in the running and future direction not just of our country, but of our continent.

We can all aspire in wanting Britain to be a great country across the world, because we are a fair country; we can cherish our country as one that looks after its citizens, from wherever they originated, so that there is no competition or conflict between us.

We can support good governance, where all of our small country is properly accommodated, with good schools, hospitals, homes and transport systems.

We can strive to build a country that is a joy to live in, where we can all feel that we are creating a dream together.

A country that realises that we need others to join us, because we simply don’t have enough of us to do all the jobs that need to be done.

A country that doesn’t cause division among those who were born here and those who have come here, because we are a country that realises that, to thrive and prosper, we need everyone who works and lives here to be properly catered for.

When Remain and Leave supporters can connect in the realisation that we are all victims; when we can work together to construct a real and realistic dream for Britain, rather than the false one sold to us by negligent politicians; then, and only then, can we heal the country and find unity among us. 

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