Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The Great British bunch of migrants (part 1)

• We’re all humans, isn't that what counts?
Last week British Prime Minister, David Cameron, referred to refugees camped in appalling conditions in Calais, France in derogatory terms as “a bunch of migrants”.

Labour front bencher, Chris Bryant, then reminded Mr Cameron in Parliament that his government Cabinet is “a bunch of migrants”.

But of course it goes much further than that. In all of Britain we’re a bunch of migrants – and refugees and migrants here have been responsible for achieving some of this country’s greatest successes.

See the graphic above for just three examples – with more to follow. (And readers, if you have ideas of others, please let me know and I will create more posters).

The point is this. Just over the horizon, within sight of Dover on a good day, is the port of Calais, and not far beyond, the port of Dunkirk, where refugees – or “a bunch of migrants” if you must – are suffering in appalling, cold, sodden conditions, with unaccompanied children among them. 

And beyond them still, are refugees across Europe, including around 26,000 unaccompanied children – representing just a tiny fraction of the world’s refugees in what is the worst refugee crisis in history.

They need help; and instead of cowering, turning our backs, closing our eyes, Britain – in a traditional British way – should be leading Europe and the world in offering that help and compelling other countries to do so too.

Because, yes, we’re all a bunch of migrants, descended at one time or another from stock not of this island. 

And all of us, without exception, could one day become refugees ourselves. Let’s hope such circumstances never come about, but let’s also act towards others as we would hope others would act towards us if such a dark fate should ever fall upon us.

Humans in need are humans in deed. Let’s tear asunder dangerous talk of them and us; British and foreign; migrants and non-migrants. 

We are all of this planet. We are all humans. Let’s show the world the real meaning of humanity. 

Let’s ensure that future generations of British people are proud of what Britain does today. Let’s compel our British government to do the British thing, and lead the world in helping our fellow humans now in need.


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→ We’re all humans, isn’t that what counts? – please shareTHE GREAT BRITISH BUNCH OF MIGRANTS (part one)Last week...
Posted by Jon Danzig on Sunday, 31 January 2016


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