Tuesday, 5 January 2016

My top ten Facebook stories of 2015

My new Facebook page, Jon Danzig Writes, was started in June 2015, with the aim to challenge the news generally, and in particular, mistruths about migrants, refugees, human rights and the European Union.

My first few stories only gained a handful of readers, but over the past six months, my readership has gradually grown, with many of my stories now reaching tens of thousands of people. 

I’d like to thank all my readers for following and supporting my voluntary journalism, both on my blogs and on Facebook. Contrary to regular acerbic comments, mostly by Eurosceptics and UKIP supporters, I am not funded or paid by anyone for my articles. 

Of course, that’s a problem sometimes: I can’t eat my words, although I am sure many would like me too. :)

Hopefully, soon I’ll be able to combine this unpaid vocation with more remunerative work. However, I am fiercely independent, and could never be paid to write something that I didn’t agree with, or thought was untrue.

In the meantime, here’s wishing you all a Happy New Year. I hope you’ll continue to read my articles and help me to uncover the stories that the mainstream media often won’t publish or broadcast. (And please invite your friends to 'like' my page, so that my articles can reach a wider audience this year).

Here are my top ten Facebook stories of 2015:

1.  Newspaper lies can cost lives
144,000 people reached
2.  Why is Britain so against migration?
60,000 people reached
3.  Calais: Questions the Mail must answer
55,000 people reached
4.  It's The Sun wot got it wrong
50,000 people reached
5.  Lest we forget
46,000 people reached
6.  Misleading claim about why Syrian boy drowned
41,000 people reached
7.  'There are too many, so we won't help any' - UK Government
40,000 people reached
27,000 people reached
27,000 people reached
10.  The power of cartoons to promote hate
27,000 people reached

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