Sunday, 18 October 2015

Another Daily Express lie

Yet another lie about the refugee crisis, authored by the Daily Express. The newspaper falsely claimed that children were told to cook and clean for refugees - whereas the truth is that the children volunteered to help them, and their parents consented.
The online version of the Daily Express story is worse - claiming that the school forced the children to cook and clean for asylum seekers.  Of course, this was not the case.

Why do newspapers such as the Daily Express and the Daily Mail spread lies and misleading information about refugees in particular, and migrants in general?

It seems to be part of their cynical business model - because for sure, this is not mistaken or even sloppy journalism. This seems to be a propaganda effort that, slowly and insidiously, is beginning to change a naturally compassionate country into one that is nasty, xenophobic and selfish.

The antidote to lies is the truth. It's time for all good people of Britain to speak up, loudly and clearly, that the mistruths in newspapers such as the Daily Express and Daily Mail do not represent them.

And it's also time to urge media such as the BBC to use the right language in describing millions of people desperately fleeing war, terror, oppression and sexual enslavement. They are not migrants. They are refugees. There's a huge difference.

• Fortunately, a truthful account of the children volunteering to help refugees has been published by the Huffington Post.

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Posted by Jon Danzig on Sunday, 18 October 2015

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